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The LWS Cafe

The Venue

Wide and spacious with  cozy corners and large, open-paned windows, our cafe is perfect for seeing the coming and goings of the Crystal Palace community while enjoying a coffee. We are the ideal spot for the business meetings and families.

Our Food

If there is one thing LWS Cafe is proud of, it’s our menus. Come and try our weekly menu or Brunch menu on the weekends for something just a little different.  Our selection ranges from hearty British food to exotic Caribbean dishes and are all made in-house by our passionate chefs. A few house favourites are the Classic FEB (Full English Breakfast),  Rice ‘n’ Peas with Curry Goat/Chicken or Oxtail, Lumberjack Waffle and our home-made Granola.

Our Pastries & Drinks

LWS Cafe serves a delectable range of hot and cold drinks. Our coffee is award winning Squaremile and our tea comes from Teapigs. Our cakes and pastries are supplied from local bakers or made on-site ourselves with our range expanding every week! (Take a look at some of our range here!)